12 Health Benefits of Ginger Root


Ginger has been used as a spice and as an ingredient in traditional medicine for centuries.  It  is said to have originated in the Himalayan foothills of what is now Northern India, it is now grown all over the world.  Ginger is not often found in North American kitchens and really that is too bad it is really one of the ... Read More »

101 Clean Eating Snacks for Kids and Grown-ups Too


It is back to school time some kids are already back in school already.  Here in Canada kids don’t head back until after Labour Day weekend so you still have a couple weeks to prepare.   I had three very fussy kids, one hated sandwiches, one ate nothing but tuna sandwiches for 3 years and then decided one day they didn’t ... Read More »

Raw Kitchen Essentials

Raw kitchen tools

I have never considered myself a “gourmet” cook as a matter of fact I don’t see myself as much of a cook at all.  If restaurant food wasn’t so unhealthy I would probably never cook again.   Alas that is not the case.  Not being much of a cook I never really had a bunch of handy dandy cooking tools ... Read More »

20 Things to do With Your Garden Tomatoes

Things to do With Your Garden Tomatoes

The tomatoes are in!  The tomatoes are in!  Yeah, yeah I know you can get them all year round but let’s face it the bland tomato that you buy from the grocery store in January is nowhere near as good as the one you’re getting now out of your own garden.  Or in my case the neighbours garden.  While the ... Read More »

Care for Your Hair with these Essential Oils

Care for Your Hair with these Essential Oils

Care for Your Hair with these Essential Oils Your hair’s health is very telling of your overall wellbeing. If you’ve been busy and rundown these past few days or weeks, don’t let your hair take a toll from the stress. Here are the best oils you can use depending on your hair type: Dry Hair Dry hair is an indication ... Read More »

Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins

gluten free blueberry muffins

Since I started on the clean eating journey one of the things I cut back on dramatically was wheat and grains.  I don’t eat them as a rule, white flour is a big, BIG no no.  Sometimes I have things like quinoa but as a rule the grains are gone.  Hmmm…I should probably do a post on why…one of these ... Read More »

Vegan Ranch Dressing

vegan ranch dressing

I was invited to a shower and everyone was asked to bring something to snack.  Now I appreciate that not everyone eats the way I do and whenever I go to a shower or something like that I try and find some happy medium between clean eating and potato chips.  I usually bring something I will enjoy along with the ... Read More »

Gluten Free Banana Bread

Gluten Free Banana Bread

My kids were always big fans of banana bread and it was a fairly easy snack to make for them to pack in their lunches for school.  Yay all of them liked so it was win-win.  For years I made it the traditional way with sugar and white flour, and while I didn’t necessarily like the sugar in it at ... Read More »

Quinoa Salad Recipe

Quinoa Salad Recipe

Another great recipe provided from one of my favorite people and vegetarian food manufacturer, Phil from mets-gourmet.com sends us another scrumptious Salad recipe.  If you happen to live in Montreal or planning to stop by and enjoy all the fun things to do here, make sure you stop by one of the locations that carry Phil’s delicious dishes and pack a ... Read More »

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