The Great Smoothie Myth


So while kicking around the internet this weekend trying to find some inspiration I came upon a video on YouTube of a speech by a Dr Esselstyn.  Dr. Esselstyn is a cardiovascular specialist from the Cleveland Clinic, and he advocates a plant based diet for treating cardiovascular diseases…all of which I concur with and applaud.  In fact he is the ... Read More »

Raw Food in Winter

Raw Food in Winter

I live in Canada and Canada in the winter is COLD!  Let me tell ya, hell has frozen over this year.  I live in Montreal so we didn’t get pounded by three feet of snow like Boston, or Eastern Canada but I think the average temperature for the last month has been -20C and for my American friends that’s -4F. ... Read More »

57 Things You Should Make Yourself Instead of Buying

57 things

So this is supposed to be the ultimate…super duper…all encompassing…running out of adjectives…list of things you should make instead of buying.  I like convenience as much as the next chick but you pay for that.  Not always in money, sometimes like with peanut butter you are trading off a few $$ for trans fats and sugars. For me, I like ... Read More »

7 Toxins Hiding in Your Home

7 Toxins Hiding in Your Home

From avoiding stairwell handrails to wearing hospital masks to block out germs, people have come up with countless ways to stay well. Not surprisingly, the majority of these methods serve to protect us outside of the home, where there are more viruses and germs floating around. What might be more surprising is that your home can also be a source ... Read More »

Dealing With the Flu the Natural Way

Dealing With the Flu the Natural Way

I have been rather absent lately and not posting much.  Well I have been at home praying for death…I have had the flu.  I haven’t had the flu in years, I don’t work in a crowded office or have small children who bring it home.  So yes it was really unexpected and most unwelcome. Like anything else I prefer dealing with ... Read More »

Homemade Hummus

Homemade Hummus

I swear to whatever deity you believe in that half of my blog posts come from whatever I happen to be craving.  This week is hummus, I have no idea what brought this on all I know is I wanted some and I wanted it now!  I crave carbs like crazy in the winter so that’s probably it and I ... Read More »

Natural Remedies You Should Consider Before Using Medication—Kate Wilson

Natural Remedies

Drugs have become an American go-to. When seeking a cure for any discomfort or even a serious issue, people leap toward the medicine cabinet without ever considering alternatives. There are alternatives, however, and natural ones at that. As it turns out, many of the most prominent conditions facing individuals today can be positively affected by non-medicinal treatments, treatments that don’t ... Read More »

Leptin Resistance and What You Need to Know

Leptin Resistance

I don’t typically blog about diets and weight loss…I may spend a lot of time talking about healthy eating but never in reference to weight. Until now. Yes, most of the food I feature on here is healthy for you and I do it with a focus on veganism because I do believe our diets should be mostly plant based. ... Read More »

Sugar Free Pear and Apple Crumble

Pear and Apple Crumble

I have been crazy busy lately with work, which is a good thing I guess.  We have also finally started getting winter here so it beginning to look a lot like…crap.  We have had snow followed up by warmer weather so it is a big slushy mess out there.  I am not a big holiday person, I don’t really do ... Read More »

7 Herbal Remedies for Anxiety

Herbal remedies for anxiety

I have suffered from anxiety attacks for years, anxiety attacks are the most common mental illness affecting millions of people.  I can go years where they don’t bother and at other times I have landed in the emergency room with heart palpitations.  While the symptoms are harmless, at the time when you’re having a panic attack they are terrifying. They ... Read More »

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